When have you felt powerless?

What does it mean to be powerless? By definition it means without ability, influence or power, but what does this truly mean? When we’re feeling powerless, we may feel unable to do something or that a situation is out of our control. Feeling powerless can be crippling, but is it really the problem that makes us powerless or is it our reaction to it? With the right attitude, we can accomplish anything, if we truly work hard enough anything that makes you feel powerless can be overcome. However, it is important to acknowledge these low moments but without letting it take over our lives.

We went out onto the streets and asked people ‘When have you felt powerless?’, and we got many different answers on what made them feel powerless and how they overcame it. There was one man named Charlie and he was blind in one eye and in the other his vision was decreasing. However, he was one of the happiest people we met that day, going about his day to day life not letting anything affect him. When saying how he overcomes feeling powerless it showed how powerful the human spirit can really be. “I’ve got a great sense of humour, you’ve got to haven’t you? It keeps you going” Instead of letting that powerlessness overcome him, he focussed on what made him him, his humour and used that to power through.

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