Our Values

We strive to embody the following values in all we do


We want to be the change that we want to see. You can’t do this without having integrity as the cornerstone of your business decisions. When we face decisions, we will always return to the this question: “what is the right thing to do for you?” We want to promote openness and honesty by leading by example.

Opinions Actioned

We turn opinions into actions. Whether it’s on a political, economic, or social issue, we believe opinions can make a difference. By listening to the thoughts and opinions of real people, we aim to help brands, governments and society as a whole make better informed decisions.


We believe that when we come together, meaningful change can happen. Unity is one of our values because, as we become a collective voice, we can become a force for good.  We want to build bridges by enabling people far and wide to share their opinions and be truly heard.


We want to be truly honest and show how your opinion counts in what we do, we’re doing this by letting you know when we’ve made decisions. We want it to be clear how we’ve reached them, and why we’ve reached these decisions. By doing this, we want to know what you think by hearing your opinion and changing for the better from that. Showing that your opinions matter and are counted in everything we do.


One of our core beliefs is that everyone is valuable and counts in equal measure. We try to show this by emphasising that every opinion counts and makes a difference, no matter what subject it relates to. We want to know what people think so that we can can affect change together and build a more positive society and a better future.


We want to highlight what people hope for, what excites them and what stirs them to imagine change. By being positive, we want to focus on the good and show you how your opinion truly can make a difference and be a force for change.