Ask your question

We choose what question that we will be asking. These can be based on your suggestions, what's going on in the news or questions we want to find out the answer to. Questions will be related to business, government or society.


Seed the debate

We will be going out on the street to garner face-to-face responses to see what you think about the topic. The question will also be posted online and on outdoor digital billboards to gather response.


Join the conversation

Not only will we be asking the questions, we will be sharing and responding to your opinions. Sharing a wide range of responses of what you think as a collective voice.


Track the results

Through a range of different tolls, your voice will be collective for an overall sentiment of what people think. Whether it is positive or negative, long or short, every opinion counts and will contribute to the overall result.


Gain Insight

We will share the overall result and you can see how your opinion can make a difference with our interactive statistics.