What we do

real people | Real conversations | real insight

We listen

People won’t share what’s really on their minds unless they feel listened to.

B.heard is a service that listens to what your audience has to say to help you understand their needs, opinions, and aspirations.

We bring insights from audiences to your brand or organisation by putting their voices first.


The real question

You might want to ask how the average 35-year-old man feels about the economy, when the real question he is asking is: how can I be a good Dad?

Or you want to know where a 24-year-old woman prefers to work out, when she’s really wondering whether co-working is the next step for her.

And across society, we could all do better if we knew what people from different walks of life were thinking – not just at elections, but while they’re scrolling through their newsfeed on the way to work, sitting with friends round a table at the pub, or just standing in line at the supermarket.


Let them be heard

Your audience is talking about more than you. So whether online or in real life, we’ll let your audience lead the conversation.